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Report from Betty Barton PhD student Mays

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Research - 2022

I’m currently in the final stages of my research. We have identified two drugs that have shown anti-leukemic effects on all leukemic cell lines tested. I am currently in the process of identifying the specific mechanisms and biological effects of these drugs on the cells, through total RNA sequencing.

The drugs tested are already FDA-approved, and used for other diseases, hence accelerates their route to the clinic. Another key finding is the full optimization of routine production of mature blood cells from induced pluripotent cells. This was followed by the development of a reporter cell line, that is currently being validated functionally. This model will enable us to better recapitulate the origin of leukemia, and also track and trace the HOXA9 gene, which is a key player in leukemia formation and maintenance.

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